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Four Reasons Pastors and Musicians Prefer Play By Hear…

Play for Your Church in 30 Days

"Learn our simple system and play your first church song in just 30 days, even as a beginner!"

5 Levels of Learning

"From beginners to professionals, our proven system teaches you to play your favorite gospel songs quickly. Just bring desire and discipline; we handle the rest, even for first-time pianists!"

Number System & Circle of Fourths

"Discover two simple chord sets to easily play modern music and amaze your family, friends, and church with your newfound skills!"

Get Empowered with a Deeper Understanding of Music

"Members prefer our site because we teach not just what to play, but also how to listen and recreate music effectively!"

Get an Inside Look at How Others Have ‘Leveled Up’ Their Playing Skills…

Our Proven 5-Prong Approach Helps Anyone 'Play By Ear'!

Music Theory

"MUSIC THEORY explores and explains music creation, emphasizing understanding but taking longer to master. Beginners are welcome to start here, but for quicker results, try our NUMBER SYSTEM first."

Song Breakdowns

"Choose from multiple levels: Beginner, Easy, Intermediate, Advanced, Professional, and Organ. We'll help you find the best fit."

Ear Training

"Playing 'by ear' isn't just for the 'born talented'—I debunk that myth for a living. Ready to join our club? Our ear training tutorials cater to all levels, teaching you skills to 'play by ear' for years."

Finger Exercises

"The main obstacle for most pianists isn't music knowledge—it's finger coordination! Our 'Fingers that Fly' exercises are designed to strengthen hidden weaknesses and improve your dexterity."


"Your EMOTIONS and MINDSET are crucial to your musical progress. Optimize both with our Music Psychology Blog, 'The Encouragement Corner'."

Step-By-Step Landmark Courses


What Our Students are Saying...

We love our students and want to share their love of music with you.
 Come hang out with us on our dime for 14 days! Don’t just play, UNDERSTAND!


Additional Feedback from Play By Hear Students...


“Play by Hear is amazing! I thank GOD for this program so far. I have paid thousands and I mean thousands on books and programs to learn to play piano for my church over the years and over the last month using Play by Hear I’ve learned so much in every lesson. Not just chords and songs but understanding them and seeing how they work and actually PLAYING them. I’m so thankful to God to stumble upon this program and eagerly look forward to more to come through diligence obedience and taking my time. Compared to other programs Play by Hear is easy to use, organized, lessons for everyone, no secrets, relevant to all church types, short lessons (keeps me focused) ABSOLUTELY PERFECT FOR ME!”

Pastor Adam Greene

“Hey brother Karl, I just want to say thanks for your good teaching for the last 3yrs. You and your staff have totally revolutionized my playing. Because of your method of teaching, I know the number system and circle of 4ths and many other things that you are teaching. I just played for a funeral on Tuesday. my wife use to laugh my playing but not now! She actually allows me to play for that beautiful soprano voice of hers. I play a lot of people like Milton Brunson Yolanda Adams and many many more. because of your proven method I can understand what others are teaching, Thank you and play by hear for my elevation on gospel music.”

Kimberly Blackmon

"I can’t believe it, but i learned this song in an hour and perfected by the end of the week. Thank you for being such an awesome teacher! "

Julie Marquinez

"Hi thank you that's my first time. I learn the song I give myself away for half day."

Martha Garcia

"Thank you brother for making it easier to understand and play I loved it!"

Rilushaka Gideon

"Hey man I've been searching for simpler way to play this song. Thanks you."


"I’m in total awe. How are you made it so simple to learn. I thought I knew piano but how do you explained it made me step back and not rush the process but trust the process. I’m taking one day at a time I got a six month subscription and I wonder by God’s grace what is going to sound like in the next six months but right now I’m just taking one day at a time I rate you guys at 10+ in your effectiveness."


"Please continue this, it helped me so much."


"It is sooo easy to learn the way you teach. Have a great and blessed day."

Emmanuel Everett

"Hey Carl I wanted to give up big time and I got overwhelmed. But there was something that I heard you say you said if you don’t get it you haven’t gone slow enough and I think that happened to me so once this season of six months is over I’m gonna keep going with it because I spoke with my pastor and he’s looking for me to help more in worship with the keys have a blessed one and thank you again."

Sandra Moody

"I’ve learned more in one week than the 40 years of failing because I quit trying. I struggled because of the lack of knowledge. I can follow your teaching with ease. Thanks"


"This is AWESOME!!! You make the complicated so simple. Like you say “It’s not Rocket Science!”

Director of Worship & Mentor to Thousands of Church Musicians for 28+ Years


Carl Kenerly has been immersed in gospel music from a young age, mastering skills in producing, writing, and arranging. Known for his unique ability to demystify complex musical concepts, Carl makes learning music accessible and enjoyable. His expertise earned him the Dallas Chamber's Quest for Success Award in 2008.

Dedicated to his community, Carl helps individuals celebrate their faith and support their local churches through music. He is the proud owner of Kenerly Music Studio in Fort Worth, TX, where he continues to make learning piano faster and easier than ever for gospel music enthusiasts.

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Our motto is: “Don’t just play the piano, understand it!”  Our goal is to ensure you understand the theory behind what you play. We make it simple and easy to begin your journey on the path to learning the piano!

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